“Honor – Integrity – Dedication – Loyalty – Commitment”

Jeff Hightower

“Jeff is a father, builder, and contractor who is setting new trends and giving new directions, and creating new movements for his followers both on social media and around the globe with his Secret Rooms”

From the simple to the lavish, HHRS  specializes in the "Out of the Ordinary" and continually exceeds our Clients' expectations!

For over 15 years, HHRS has been an industry leader in home construction. We have experienced it all in residential, commercial, demolition and period restoration work. The HHRS promise is...”We can help you! We can do anything! We know this is an easy thing to say, yet we consistently deliver, time and again”

Jeff Hightower started in the construction industry as a 15 year old high school student, working summer jobs with his father, a superintendent for Stedman Enterprises.

Fresh out of High School he moved to California and continued to work for his father in San Rafael overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. At that time they were building condominiums and apartments for Stedman. Hightower, worked with several qualified tradesmen in a multitude of fields involving commercial and residential construction, all the while developing a skill set that rivaled his competition. He has excelled in construction, becoming a master carpenter and builder of multi-family dwellings and custom homes across the nation.

Jeff then decided to go out on his own, and try his hand at commercial construction, as well as continuing to build homes, and studying under a master of the trades. He learned the skills needed to start his own company in 2007 while residing in Denver, Colorado, and making a positive, lasting impact on the Front Range before moving back to his Native Texas in 2014.

Known across the nation for his custom designs, Hightower is an industry leader in:

Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations
Commercial Projects
Historical Restoration
Custom Furniture Design

On a personal note…


Father and Daughter Quality Time in Colorado