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Goldenflow Chandeliers

HHRS is proud to introduce special quality products that can be part of your home remodel or improvement project. We are proud to present Goldenflow Chandeliers, a unique lighting choice that can be customized to enhance any room in your home.
— Jeff Hightower

The Goldenflow Story


Owner and Designer of Goldenflow Chandeliers

Dan Mather

Goldenflow developed a unique line of blown glass snow-globes in 1989 that would expand to more than 5,000 stores worldwide by 1993. They started producing handcrafted lighting in 1998, and by 2005 and were producing glass chandelier installations for the Minneapolis Walker Art Center's $100 million expansion. Since then, they’ve been producing handcrafted glass lighting and "Wow" installations for private and commercial clients, including multiple Cambria Designer Showrooms, hospitals, hedge funds, and a local Frank Lloyd Wright home. Additional installations include a large scale chandelier for the Perham Hospital as well as various private installations in historically sensitive locations. Goldenflow Studios reputation for high-volume production, quality work, engineering, and strict adherence to deadlines and budgets.

This slide show displays the creative possibilities that Goldenflow Chandeliers. 

Commercial Installations

Residential Installations

Goldenflow Chandeliers began with the creation of a Grand Chandeliers for the Minneapolis Walker Art Center’s $100 million expansion in 2005

Since that time they have created glass rock chandeliers for private residences as well as large commercial installations for hospitals, hedge funds, and designer showrooms.

These installations require no special UL listing as they utilize new and/or existing stock UL Listed track or can mounted lighting.

They work with each clients’ individual space and budget parameters to develop a stunning cascade of glass and light that can be formed from a dozen to hundreds of glass rocks, from small to large oriented horizontal or vertical, clear or colored, all incorporating stainless steel aircraft cable.

Canopies are laser cut stainless steel plates that have been seamlessly incorporated into ceilings and presented as suspended drop canopies, as well as artistically exposed as suspended metal rod grids.

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