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The limits of the possible can only be defined by going beyond them into the impossible
— Arthur C. Clarke

Hidden Rooms...your safe rooms during hurricane season or intrusion

These additions add greater value to your real estate investment and families in the forms of security and privacy. They can be used as panic rooms as well as space for the seductive and unconventional.  Hidden Rooms can be created as your child's secret play room or they can be designed as a safe place to retreat during power loss.

Your hidden rooms can be anything you desire limited only by your creativity and imagination.

These fantasies are no longer a luxury or indulgence...

Owners of residential and commercial properties are quickly becoming aware that Hidden Rooms and Secret Passages are no longer a simple indulgence or trending idea; nor just something we wish for when watching the old Westerns and Hollywood Classics.

From the simple to the lavish, HHRS  specializes in the "out of the ordinary" and strives to surpass their clients' expectations!

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Big ideas come from forward thinkers who challenge the norm… ones who think outside the box and invent the world they see inside… rather than submitting to the limitations of current dilemmas.
— Jeff Hightower

Let’s begin a exciting journey today, as we discover together where the SECRETS may lead us!

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1) Stretch your imagination and ask yourself “what do I want?”

No matter the need, whether its a hidden room for your family's safety during a disastrous hurricane, or a room where your children can hide, learn and play, you will find that our custom one of a kind designs are a delight.

Many of our clients have security and safety at the top of their checklist. They want panic rooms or hidden gun vaults, or a way to hide or exhibit a priceless art collection. While others may want the perfect hidden wine cellar or a gentleman’s humidor, you may want your own personal smoking lounge. Many of our clients may want a private hideaway, like a secret garden, while others a hidden place for their debauchery! Consult with HHRS to develop ideas, or present us with something totally extraordinary and we’ll make your dreams come true!

2) Call HHRS, 720-670-9326, to schedule an In-Person meeting.

During this consultation, we will confer with you on your CONFIDENTIAL project, and together we will view your property inside and out, and take measurements and discuss your vision. You will be provided an itemized, detailed estimate for your project. Complete with line item cost break down for phase descriptions, architectural drawings, and 3D renderings.

A nominal Consultation Fee is deducted from the total job cost at time contractual Agreement is signed.

3) After your consultation, HHRS will prepare a custom quote.

The quote is based on the requested scope of work, your project location, and what kind of hidden space you desire.

Remember, we specialize in the "Out of the Ordinary!"

  • a vault style panic room

  • a hidden gun vault

  • a hidden room behind a custom built bookshelf

  • a secret passage leading to a room only you and your loved ones know about

  • a concealed gentleman’s humidor

  • a concealed smoking lounge

  • a hidden wine cellar

  • a concealed room for a priceless art collection

  • a hidden play room for your child

  • a space for the seductive and unconventional

  • a secret garden