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M.R. Walls

Introducing an exclusive line of Corian® multi-dimensional walls, carved and textured, from this luxury manufacturer. M.R. Walls is a design company who’s “imagination on a wall” is now available through HHRS.

As the Exclusive Sales Representative for M.R. Walls for the Southwest U.S., HHRS can offer you discounted pricing for your home remodel or commercial project.

Our 8’ x 8’ textured Corian® wall is scheduled for arrival in our Houston showroom before the end of June 2019 for our customers to experience its intricately carved surfaces that mirror nature’s unique geometry for indoor/outdoor living.
— Jeff Hightower
Our 8’ x 8’ display wall soon to arrive in our Houston showroom.

Our 8’ x 8’ display wall soon to arrive in our Houston showroom.


An architectural paragon of artistry and building science, The Wave House, designed and built by Mario Romano, presents a new way of living the Venice, California lifestyle. Fluid spaces, walls of windows and intricately carved surfaces that mirror nature’s unique geometry yield a seamless flow of harmonious indoor/outdoor living.


Mario Romano

Designer - Maker

M.R. Walls

With all that can be produced in the digital world with photo realistic renderings, and the beauty of parametric scripts, there is still a great divide between designing and making. Designers design. Makers make. 500 years ago there was only, "the maker," the "master builder" as they were called. With the advent of digital tools, massive computer processing and the ever faster graphic card, the ability to see anything on a computer is easier and more realistic than ever. Yet, the ability to transfer this remarkable universe of digital graphics into the built architectural world is still plagued with friction, miscommunication and the laws of nature.

Gravity and waterproofing do not exist in 3d model. Makers and designers are at times still worlds apart. Almost like the two disciplines speak different languages. The best universities are aware of this educating the new generation of architects in the language of making objects. The classic definition of architecture is, "the building arts."

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At our studio, we specialize and devote ourselves to the fluency of the building language, designing and making at the same time. We strive for unifying the design process with the making process, as if it were one. We even take our research into assembly and installation. In order for an object to become architecture it must be fixed, immovable and attached. In short, how easily can it be installed?

The grand and the immovable are wholly representative of the human landscape. Bigger is better. Architecture is endurance, it's not a verb. Architects design. Designers design. Builders make. But where is the designer-builder who speaks this one interconnected language?

The built world is created, and creation, unlike imagination is reality. No one wants a photograph of an exquisite meal. We desire the physical. Four walls and a roof. Hence imagination on a wall. It's a wish of interconnectedness in between the dreamy digital and unimagined flat wall.

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