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HHRS Design Center

Luxury products and materials from around the world, hand selected by HHRS. Adding value to your real estate and adding security for your peace of mind

HHRS uses the highest quality materials and the latest innovative technologies to create the environment of your dreams. Serene and tranquil or over-the-top living areas, custom made for your personality and lifestyle. And most importantly, HHRS supports you from the beginning concept to job completion and your satisfaction.

Check out the latest home products chosen by HHRS. Glodenflow Chandeliers offers unique lighting choices for residential or commercials spaces. allmilmö creates quality kitchens and bathrooms now available in the U.S. M.R. Walls create “imagination on a wall” that can be part of your home remodel or commercial project.

HHRS offers interior design services for you, working with certified professionals to help you create and bring the visions you desire into reality. 

HHRS Three Dimensional Designer Walls

You can dramatically change a room’s impact with our luxury collection of wall designs, installed and custom finished by HHRS.

Our wall products are manufactured in high tech engineering plastics giving us the most perfect product on the market. Make your life more beautiful, practical and glamorous. + 10 year warranty + Perfect symmetrical finish + Can be painted with wall paint of any color of your choice + Clean installation + Easy removal + Fireproof + Can be used to cover imperfect walls + Can be installed indoors and outdoors. Beautiful, elegant, luxurious, and practical.

The Future is Now!

HHRS presents products that are innovative and extraordinary in their application and design. An example of a “hidden project” is this sink that disappears into the the kitchen counter! It opens and closes automatically, there’s a built in light and faucet. When the sink closes, any obstruction like your fingers, stops the cover’s movement immediately!

Revisit this page periodically because we’ll be adding more ingenious products to our website!

All Our Products are Bold

We use top of the line, innovative new products in all of our builds and our quality and integrity are above measure. 

We create beauty and elegance whatever your style. Whether its industrial, traditional, baroque, Italian, or eclectic! 

Our products and materials are researched by our design team and hand selected for safety, protection from weather, and any unforeseen circumstance.

We invite you to navigate through our "Products' page and delight in the new  materials we have discovered for you. Some of our products have high resistance to shocks and weather. (Safe Rooms) Some can provide perfect thermal insulation; and be the perfect acoustic insulation. And, most of these materials provide easy cleaning and maintenance.

A Little Bit of Magic Laced with Safety & Security

What we do for our Clients is bring your dream into reality and doing so, help keep you, your family and your treasures secretly SAFE!

"We at HHRS love what we do and we have a multitude of professionals standing by to turn your dream into your reality".

We are Houston BBB accredited and Insured.

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