“Honor – Integrity – Dedication – Loyalty – Commitment”

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price if forgotten
— Jeff Hightower

Jessica W.

We decided to renovate our master bathroom and install new flooring when we found Jeff with HHRS via the cabinet vendor. Jeff responded quickly and came out to give us a quote. It was clear from the consultation that Jeff was more knowledgeable and understood our needs better than the other bidders. Unfortunately, we went with the lowest bid. After letting Jeff know we accepted another bid, he said to me “I hope you don’t end up needing me in the end”. Those words came true because months later we discovered our new shower was installed incorrectly and the shower pan had been leaking into the adjacent room for roughly 6 months. The damage was over $5,000 even with insurance, which was significantly more than the difference in his bid compared to the one we accepted. Sadly, we could have went with Jeff from the beginning.

In the end we actually ended up needing Jeff’s input. Jeff is knowledgeable about his craft and worth your time.

Joseph F.

We contacted HHRS in early March 2017 to give us a bid on installing a French drain. Mr. Hightower came out and gave a very reasonable bid compared to 4 others I had already received, but the difference was his bid actually detailed more work than the others. We decided to go with Mr. Hightower and so glad we did! The drain was perfect and works great…proven after several hard rains! However, he did such a great job we actually had him do some other remodeling to our home. The whole crew that worked for him was always very prompt and courteous. Each day them made sure to clean up and leave nothing in our way and also, for safety reasons! The quality of the work was never compromised and even though I suggested shortcuts, Me. Hightower explained that cutting corners would only affect the quality of the job later on down the line. So glad we chose someone who actually cared about the quality of the work!

Cheryl O.

He did and always has done a great job in our home. He previously remodeled two bathrooms from the studs and floor joists on up. He most recently installed tow interior doors where there were none before. He is professional, has great work quality and the ability to meet deadlines and the budget. I highly recommend him.

Daniel R.

This letter serves as a verification that Jeff Hightower was hired as a contractor on June 6, 2008, to come to my residence and demolish the pre-existing deck we had on our back porch. He also designed and rebuilt a new 12’x12’ deck off of my back porch, complete with railings and stairs leading down to ground level. I certify that he did this work in a timely manner, completed the whole job by June 12, 2008, and his craftsmanship is of the up-most quality, impeccable! I recommend this contractor, as he is capable of doing the job correctly, the first time. I am very pleased with the work of Jeff Hightower and his company, H.H.R.S., has provided and I will continue to use his construction expertise for planned projects in the future.


I find his work to be excellent. He has done excellent work. All of the jobs we have given him I would highly recommend him to my friends for any work they need done.

Sandra J.

What started out as a simple paint job for a 1966 condo in Houston, turned into a major rehab. I interviewed 3 contractors before I was introduced to HHRS. Not one of them was equipped nor wanted to take responsibility for the total job. Each of them wanted to do one project which left me sourcing and managing multiple other subcontractors /suppliers.                    

When Jeff came to view the job with us, he was up for the task. He had no problem taking out the bath mirror, and refinishing the dry wall to match the existing texture on the walls. I also appreciated his sense of color, design as well as suggestions.

Bath Remodel: The ceramic tile company said the materials I chose couldn't be used for a countertop. HHRS tackled it and made it happen. He created something that nobody else has! A work of art.

I liked his bid, and he stuck to it. He is solution-oriented and trustworthy, and comes with almost unlimited knowledge and experience pertaining to any project. 

It is my pleasure to recommend Jeff Hightower, HHRS. Integrity, honesty, and a perfectionist. Perfection takes a little longer, but it is certainly worth the finished project.